Tool Box In-House Programme

Tools for Experts

Our Tool Box programme is a tuition platform that is customised to your company's communication needs to support the flow of information throughout the entire organisation. In consultation with you, our experts will analyse your institution's communication pathways as well as existing and potential future requirements to streamline the ways information flows and how individuals and units distribute knowledge.

Workshops, meetings and similar events and encounters are common methods to distribute know-how and plan projects or to agree on common terms and make decisions. In recent times, however, the requirements on these types of gatherings have increased considerably, giving rise to demands for more effective, modern tools to use in complex communication situations.

trainconsulting has been working in this field, doing in-depth research for over two decades. In our Tool Box in-house programme we design the right tools for your company or institution to build a solid foundation for meaningful, effective and reflective communication between individuals and across distributed departments or units.

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