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Oliver Schrader | Systemic Organisational Consultant

»I serve organisations and their leaders as a sparring partner with whom they can work to address their most fundamental questions about goals and the ways to achieve them. Even – in fact, especially – when complex environmental factors are in play. And I give them the certainty that asking these questions is always worth the effort.«

The challenge of living up to “good” goals while also conducting business in a solid, sustainable fashion is another matter. I see my role as helping to manage conflicting goals in a way that is beneficial for both the organisation and its environment.

Each organisation is unique, with its own particular objectives, circumstances and resources. That was one reason why I developed the qualitative organisation analysis tool. I’d rather listen carefully than reach instantly for a one-size-fits-all solution or a favourite tool.

In my experience, creating lasting change in organisations means changing decision-making processes and the way people communicate – who talks with whom, how, about what and makes which decisions. That’s what I’m here for.

Clients and colleagues say I approach their questions and situations with specific, tailor-made responses, that I address challenging issues and enable constructive dialogue about them. They also appreciate my ability to combine my vast experience with a keen passion for creating new solutions.


Working Languages are German (native), English, Dutch and Spanish


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Mobile: +43 - 699 - 19231756 +43 - 699 - 19231756

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Rules of Leadership

Experiences and insights from companies.

On the basis of empirical studies, Oliver Schrader and Lothar Wenzl make unconscious structures visible and help to see through one's own leadership culture.

2015, Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag, ISBN 10 379-1034-014 (published in German)


Je ne regrette rien

Tips for goal-oriented decision-making practices in organisations. Decisions can be many things: hairy, nerve-wracking, like a wrestling match, simply routine or as thrilling as a crime novel....

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